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The UWorld’s American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Qbank has been developed by the same team of passionate physician-educators responsible for the USMLE Qbanks, used by more than 90% of medical students. With UWorld, you can take advantage of high-quality questions and explanations that closely mimic the ABFM certification and maintenance of certification (MC-FP) examination while ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest in evidence-based medicine.

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  • Rely on a dedicated team of physicians with extensive experience in clinical practice and teaching in a variety of medical specialties and clinical settings—from family medicine to surgery, from the ambulatory setting to the emergency department
  • Review using questions and explanations that are regularly updated as the evidence changes
  • Benefit from questions designed to be useful for your daily clinical practice

High-quality, High-yield questions and explanations

  • Practice using questions that mimic the style of the ABFM MC-FP examination
  • Learn from concise explanations that cover correct and incorrect answer options
  • Synthesize complex information using tables and illustrations that summarize disease processes succinctly

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  • Gain synchronized access to your account across all your devices--computers (Windows, Mac), Apple devices (iPad, iPhone), and Android devices (phones, tablets)
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