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Choosing the right material to prepare for the Internal Medicine Boards (ABIM) is the key to achieving high scores and attaining Internal Medicine board certification/recertification. There are various Internal Medicine board review materials on the market. However, we have found both the pros and cons in each. The UWorld Internal Medicine Qbank, while retaining the best features, answers all of the shortcomings and also has some new features helpful for the ABIM exams. Please read along for a detailed overview.

Focused Exam Content and State-of-the-art Explanations

We teach you the concepts, which are important not just to pass the IM Boards but to attain the broad knowledge base needed to be an effective and well-informed practitioner. Our explanations are grounded in evidence-based medicine and widely-accepted procedures/treatment. Every question explanation includes a specific "educational objective" that outlines the main concept from that particular question, making it very easy to remember.

Furthermore, all of our materials are created by professional physician authors who actively practice within various Internal Medicine subspecialties. Each question in the Internal Medicine Qbank requires a unique and systematic two- to three-step thinking process. Our explanations are concise but thorough, making them easier to read and memorize.

Learn More in Less Time

In many Qbank sources, an average student can answer around 70%-80% of the questions. This means that after spending a good amount of time and money, you end up learning only 20%-30% of new content. Unlike our competitors, our practice questions are much harder, making it much more difficult for an average candidate to achieve a high score in the first few attempts. The goal is not to discourage students, but to motivate them to study harder and smarter. Average scores for UWorld range from 55%-65%, implying that, on average, a student learns 35%-45% of new content with our QBank. The UWorld IM Qbank question items are designed to test the difficult part of the examination content while incorporating the less to medium difficulty concepts in each question’s explanations.

Benefits to Residency Programs

Internal medicine residency programs have a vested interest in their residents' performance on both the in-training examinations and the ABIM certification exam. The results of these training standards reflect the knowledge and competency of patient care given by the residents as well as the quality of education provided by the training hospital. The IM Qbank is an excellent study aide for the in-training examinations as well as the ABIM certification exam.

  • A high first-time pass rate for the ABIM boards is associated with higher quality programs, especially those training a high number of foreign medical graduates.
  • According to the ABIM, approximately 85% of test material evaluates synthesis and clinical judgment, leaving only 15% for recall memory questions. The UWorld IM Qbank emphasizes clinical judgment in a two- to three-step process, forcing the student to utilize concepts rather than rote memory.

Benefits to Residents

Residency is both a grueling and rewarding experience. Constant studying is required to improve your knowledge base and clinical skills. The Internal Medicine Qbank will hone your skill in both theoretical and clinical practice. The UWorld IM Qbank is an excellent tool, not only for ABIM certification exam preparation, but for studying for your yearly in-training exams. Our concept-based questions require multiple steps in order to reach the correct answer, which forces you to use clinical judgment (better preparing you for the actual board-type questions). This Qbank can improve your knowledge and in-training exam scores, therefore increasing your confidence and proving your competence in medical knowledge and patient care. For those residents preparing for USMLE Step 3, the Internal Medicine Qbank is a great supplemental study aide to improve your diagnostic skills and understanding of common diseases.

Benefits to Physicians Seeking Maintenance of Certification (Recertification)

Even the most experienced internal medicine physicians need updating on the most current applications of clinical medicine. Our up-to-date, concept-based content enhances your current expertise in all areas of general internal medicine and helps you breeze through ABIM recertification exam day.

Feel at Home on the Big Day

Familiarizing yourself with the real exam software interface is very important. We have designed our IM Qbank to have the same look and feel as that of the real exam. Enough practice with this Qbank will make you feel at home while you are taking the Internal Medicine board exam, so that you can spend your valuable time analyzing the question instead of familiarizing yourself with the software.

Competitive Prices/Flexible Durations/Convenient Test Packages

  • Affordable, low monthly subscription rates
  • Unlimited number of extensions/renewals of an active subscription
  • Each test package duration created to suit your preference
  • Fast, friendly, and reliable customer service

Additional Subscriber Benefits

  • Insight, pearls, tips, memory aids, and high-yield information from the pros on how to excel on ABIM's Internal Medicine board exam
  • Our state-of-the-art questions will allow you to learn more in less time
  • Access to the Qbank on mobile devices: apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices are now available to make studying even easier on the go.
  • Gain confidence as you apply these learned skills in the hospital setting
  • Options to suspend and resume a test at any time at your convenience with 24-hour account web access
  • Option to compare performance scores with other users, see which subjects need improvement, and view your cumulative performance outline
  • External references to medical journal abstracts
  • Option to improve your time management skills by monitoring time spent per question

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