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UWorld’s authors are elite subject experts whose knowledge of the basic sciences, humanities, and social sciences is unparalleled.  90% of all medical students choose UWorld to prepare for the USMLE board exams, making UWorld the #1 Question bank resource for physicians.  The UWorld MCAT Qbank is designed using the same proven methods to help you master the MCAT and begin your medical journey.

Key Features

  1. 1,100+ High-quality MCAT questions

    ›  Covers all topics tested by the new MCAT
    ›  Mimics the AAMC format & blueprint
    ›  Teaches critical reasoning skills required for the MCAT

  2. One-of-a-kind explanations

    ›  Everything you need to master all MCAT subjects
    ›  Detailed rationales for all answer options
    ›  Vivid illustrations to aid visual learning

  3. Performance tracking

    ›  Know you are ready for the exam
    ›  Identify weaknesses and improve skills
    ›  Compare your performance with other users

MCAT Qbank Highlights

Flash Cards

Create your own study sets for quick review (images, formulas, tables, etc).
Actual Exam Like Feel

Just like MCAT

Interface designed to look identical to the actual exam.
Use On Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Practice questions any time, anywhere on desktop & mobile devices.

Innovative Answer Explanations

UWorld’s comprehensive explanations include images of experimental procedures, annotated passage data, and scientific concepts for Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, General & Organic Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology. Passage excerpts are annotated for CARS to aid critical reasoning.

MCAT test analysis

Why Choose Us?

Know you are ready for MCAT

Our questions are just as challenging as MCAT, so you know you will be ready

We are experts

Our questions are written by only the top subject matter experts

Just like the MCAT

Our user interface is designed to simulate the MCAT in every way, reducing anxiety on test day

Detailed explanations

Content-rich rationales for both correct and incorrect answer choices provide a deep understanding of concepts.

Excellent Service

Fast, friendly, and reliable customer support is available to meet your needs

MCAT Pricing

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“I love UWorld's interface and illustrative explanations. I can tell the company strives to emulate the real deal as much as possible. They go above and beyond with explaining answers which minimizes content gaps during review.”

“I love the detailed explanations and colored images that can aid in your comprehension of the material. The questions themselves are very similarly styled to the AAMC that make it better to gauge and to feel more prepared. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my experience! Thank you!.”

“The explanations are extremely detailed and clear, and they contain a lot of helpful pictures and diagrams. Compared to other test companies, the concepts and way questions are asked seem similar to AAMC material. The passages are helpful for practice with anaylsis and interpreting graphs. I used a lot of the flashcard settings, which were helpful for reiterating concepts discussed in the explanations.”

“The explanations are by far the best thing that UWORLD has to offer. It is almost a mini-lecture of your mistake, that teaches you in depth knowledge of where you are lacking. Moreover, when terms in the explanations are used, they are hyperlinked to the definitions, just in case the user doesn't recall the true meaning of the term. UWORLD is a fantastic resource that can help boost your score!”

“The UWorld is an incredible tool. Unfortunately I found it really close to my MCAT date, wish I found it sooner. The comprehensive explanations with gorgeous graphics really make learning an amazing experience. Learned a lot during my time with UWorld”

“Such an ideal practice site. It has honestly made my score go up tremendously from before because it is free, easy to use, similar to the actual exam, and gives the exact feedback that you need to answer the question properly.”