Why people fail step 3
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11/20/2016 11:25:36 AM
As a step 3 tutor I have seen more and more people fail this exam and I would like to share some of the reasons so that others don't make the same mistakes.

1. Overconfidence- People assume that this exam is very easy and can pass with little studying. This is furthest from the truth especially when it comes to the CCS component.

2. Lack of preparation- Similar to point 1, It is important to go through the material 2-3 times, just as you did for other steps. One read through of the MCQ's is not enough.

3. Poor understanding of CCS- This is something I have seen people struggle with. There is an assumption that if you have clinical/residency experience that you can walk through the cases. Unfortunately your training and education varies based on hospital and location. The usmle has a set standard of how cases have to be worked up. If you are not following that standard then you will do poorly on the ccs component which can cause failures. The CCS component requires strategy. There is a certain "order of operation" in which things are done. If not, then you will loose points.

4. Using too many study resources- Reading multiple books and doing multiple Qbanks does not mean a higher score. It is better to know a few resources very well than to know allot of resources marginally. My tip is to stick to uworld and MTB but know those two resources extremely well.

If you need any help or tips for this test feel free to message me at ababra08@gmail.com
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