failed step1

1/24/2013 5:14:21 AM
failed step1 . pls help. cant understand where i went wrong . how can i score better next time or is it a waste of thinking of it ?

1/24/2013 9:03:11 AM
could u please elaborate? like which materials u used and how much u got on assessment exams?

1/24/2013 7:04:18 PM
you need to do u-world about 3x total, but understand the educational objectives and all the paragraphs of explanations. then when you are scoring in the 80% average you need to take an NBME every 2 weeks to see where you are and what your weak points are. THEN while doing all this you need to take what you learn from u-world and make notes in your FIRST AID in the corresponding subject. and then you have to go thru your first aid about 5x cover to cover and memorize everything in there. this test is not about JUST memorization you have to understand the concepts of what is going on like phys, pathophys, and pathology. micro and pharm are just memorization.
if you try to memorize u-world or only memorize first will continue to fail over and over again. they can take one concept say "murmurs" or "EKG" or "MI" and can ask it in 1000s of different ways. unless you understand what is going on you're gonna screw up the question and lose points. buy u-world again and do it in tutor mode subject by subject. Do you know what your weak points are? are you really good at a certain subject? what were your NBME scores before you took the exam?

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