Very low NBME 11 score :(:(:(

7/6/2014 12:42:28 PM
I took NBME 11 the other day and scored horribly low : 209/410.

My exam is in Sept/Oct. but I really don't know how much time do I need to spend to score a 235+.

I have done quite a lot so far which is why such a score disappointed me a great deal.

I read FA 3 times, did UWorld once (cum: 78%), did Pathoma once, Kaplan once (except for Anatomy, and Micro).

I really don't know what else to do.

I'm currently reviewing UWorld the 2nd time and will hopefully do one more quick read of FA before doing another NBME. After that, I plan on doing FA with DIT, and USMLERx (did 1075 q's already). I'll also do my weak subjects from Kaplan again and do a 2nd review of Pathoma.

Do you guys suggest I add another Qbank? (Kaplan)

Any general tips? Thanks a lot!

7/7/2014 10:20:48 AM
no replies?

7/7/2014 8:43:34 PM
i would just suggest you to study again do Kaplan at least one more time and never ever give the Exam without scoring high enough in several NBME exams "better late than never "

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