uw self assessment score

4/15/2010 4:04:44 AM
self ass form 1 221/510 good or bad plzzz repy
edited by smmanvar on 4/15/2010

4/15/2010 3:40:49 PM
smmanvar wrote:
self ass form 1 221/510 good or bad plzzz repy
edited by smmanvar on 4/15/2010

check out this website,u get the scores in usmle 2 digit
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7/28/2019 6:44:27 PM
I started casually doing the quiz bank and was getting high 40s to low 60s, and was feeling pretty bummed, even though for most categories my scores were at or above average. I fluctuated from the 94th, to the 89th percentiles for the quick bank by the time I completed all questions and re did my incorrect answers. I also started scoring in low 70s by the time I was finishing up the last of the questions ( but I had studied much more, by this point). I spent about 4.5 solid weeks doing this.

My first self-assessment I got a "very-high" probability and ranked at the 85th percentile ( median was about 46 or 48)
My second self assessment I got another "very high" probability and ranked at the 96th percentile.
I also had a 99% chance of passing per ATI, but found their questions/rationales less beneficial.

When I was doing these two uworld assessments I sure didn't feel I was doing that well, as these assessment questions were different then those in the Q bank, however I can say the assessments were MORE reflective of my nclex exam.

The LARGE majority of my nclex was prioritization of patients, patient education and delegation/leadership. Maybe it was just how I tested, but I would recommended anyone still waiting to test to not neglect those areas, as they can be challenging in some questions.

I passed in 75. The PVT did NOT work for me ( i got the bad pop up), only to find out per my quick results that I actually passed. It also took me 4 days to have my license show up on the BON site. I share this only because my experience with the PVT/BON was very different than what most people say/experienced. I would recommend just waiting and not doing the trick, as I did it exactly as instructed and it still was not accurate for me! Save yourself the anxiety and wait

Best of luck everyone! Study hard and don't doubt yourself!!

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