Cancelation fee??

10/26/2014 12:14:55 AM
Hi! I have my test on oct 31 ( already extend the 3 month period) but don't want to take it. Do I have to call Prometric on monday to CANCEL and pay a fee? does anyone know how much is it (USA-Puerto Rico)?? OR just DON'T show and apply online again w/o paying cancelation fees? I will apply for it again ASAP for november-january 2015 period. Already have verification forms at ecfmg so paperwork is no problem for me.

Also…any advice to deal with anxiety? this is an issue while studying and freak out doing an NBME. I already passed step 2 CK, I know how is going to a prometric center…to pass that test was a nightmare and freak out on the test on my las attempt b/c on the previous one I was very positive even felt that passed and I didn't passed for only ONE POINT!!!! I think is one of the reasons for feeling so insecure now. I'm sure any test takers are on the same boat like me. Any advice???? Please all your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

10/26/2014 1:53:21 PM
Thank you!

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