Urgent! I need an advice!

12/5/2014 3:12:24 PM
Hi I'm doing UW I have 46% left. I was in the 71st percentile (67%) but I got sick and I stopped studying for a week and my score went down to the 68th percentile (65%). It's really hard for me to get study rythm again. My exam will be in 4 weeks. How do I have to study from now on? How do I use UW in order for me to score high? How many times do I have to do UW? If someone could give me an advise would be very helpful I'll appreciate your honesty and your thoughts about this.


12/5/2014 9:19:25 PM
how is ur nbme scores? if they are low than change ur date!

12/6/2014 8:37:52 AM
kiran2011 wrote:
how is ur nbme scores? if they are low than change ur date!

Thanks for the reply! I took NBME 7 2 months ago and I got 208. On UWSA1 I got 230 3 weeks ago. I haven't taken another NBME because of the fact I was sick but I definitely will once I finish UW. The point is I think I'm not using it correctly. I was doing 1 block per day and reviewing all the questions and reading their explanations and why the other options are wrong. I was doing this even with the questions I got correct and that certainly takes a lot of time. I wonder if it's better to do two blocks per day and review just the wrong and marked questions and leaving the correct ones aside. What do you think? Should I redo UW once I'm done with it? If I should how many times!? Thanks again for your reply

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