please guide me

12/8/2014 10:00:54 PM
I finished kaplan video except the behavior section and begin theuworld but only get 43%-55% correct.

and it can not improve.So do I need postpond me exam(30 days later)

12/9/2014 12:35:31 AM
Which area looks worse?
Do you feel like you need to improve on your basics? Physio, biochemistry??

12/9/2014 12:37:06 AM
You can send me a picture of your subjects and sections and your percentages, I can look at them and give you some advice. I am a tutor, but I do a half hour of free advice. Only here to help students like you, i was there myself one day.

12/9/2014 12:37:36 AM
email me at [email protected]

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