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2/18/2015 4:55:38 PM
Hello every one,

I have my test on March, 29th this year 2015. I can not delay it.

I have taken UWSA 1 and NBME 15 and on both of them I got 210 which is very bad for me as I work for over 245.

My problem was that I was super busy last year 2014 with my internship and read only about 1-2 hours daily but for a long period of about 12 months I have read many many things calmly from many resources and FA as well, and I did few questions every now and then. On 3rd of January 2015 I begun the real thing as I was done with my internship I took the UWSA 1 and got 210. Then I was doing as many UW questions daily with reading and studying about 10 or more hours a day and came today to do nbme 15 and got the same score with 450 i.e. 210. I was shocked because I have only a month left to my exam I still haven't covered FA all and my score is still low.

I have scheduled my step 1 for last year for Oct, Nov, Dec as I thought I can do it even if busy and now delayed it to the last day possible which is 29th of March.

Please advice of best thing I can do in this month, I still have about 800 q on UW not done. and about 25% FA not covered. The weak subjects mentioned on the assessment tests were behavioral sciences, biochem, neuro, and pharm.

I will really appreciate any advice.

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2/22/2015 12:54:55 PM
Im taking it on the 16th of March. Have yet to take any of the self assessments that came in my qbank package. Will take one and see my score.

I would suggest that you focus on your weaknesses and focus on clinically important facts and applying them in a clinical situation with a patient. When you do that your score will probably improve. Also, finish the rest of the qbank questions and read and re read those explanations thoroughly.

Will update you with my first self assessment score soon.

2/22/2015 5:49:21 PM
Hi Ibrahim,

I have almost the same situation, maybe even worse with the score on NBME. I think my issue is time management so I just changed my studying plan from more reading and learning to doing UW full time. Today is my 2nd day, so I will update you in a week if I find this change helpful. But for now, just do blocks as much as you can and remember not to lose hope.

Good luck!

2/23/2015 2:01:12 PM
I am working on the remaining UWorld questions trying to learn as much as possible out of them. I'm also focusing on my weaknesses. I will take NBME form 16 on 10 of March and UWSA 2 on 18th March. I hope I can do well on the exam.

Thanks all for your replies and pieces of advice.
I wish luck as well...


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