sp for a quick and thorough revision of FA

2/26/2015 4:33:53 PM
hi, i need a sp for my final revision of FA before exam . any1 in the final stage of preps plz contact me.
its usmleravian on skype.

2/27/2015 2:22:50 PM
hi my name is warda and if u interested in studying i am available add me on skype , my id is wardanaeem4

2/27/2015 3:47:29 PM
I am also looking for a study partner for the final review

2/28/2015 2:26:44 PM
hi all , i just started my revision which is system wise will be glad to find a SP targetting 260+

3/2/2015 4:39:56 PM
Hello! I am also interested in revising FA system wise. Please add me on skype: maria-lindo or send me an email to get in touch with you ([email protected])
Thank you!

3/5/2015 1:07:14 PM
hi guys,if any one of you in still available and wants to revise FA final time,please drop me a message. my skype id is [email protected]

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