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3/5/2015 12:42:20 PM
Hi people,
I am an IMG and started studying for Step 1 in 01/2013. I work as a Medical assistant and some days I can only manage to study 3-4 hours a day , however I use my weekends and manage to study 14 hours both saturday and sunday. I finished Kaplan QBank and my score was 68% , I started UW 2 weeks ago and have been getting 60-80% (I have only managed to complete 8 exams because I am taking long revising the answers).I keep doubting myself because I forget iformation that I knew by heart!!(but then again genetics for example I have not reviewed in a while). I think what has helped me most is linking the chapters from the organ systems and whenever I read about two related diseases I review them both. I took NBME 7 2 weeks ago and scored 390/206...I plan on taking Step 1 in May and I REALLY need to improve my score. I have to keep working until april but I have May off...I still have to complete 87% of UW but I plan on doing it twice in these three months. Does anyone have any other advice?
I also forgot to mention that I have gone through FA and Pathoma several times...have not read them as full books , just whenever I review certain systems.

Thank You
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3/18/2015 1:17:25 PM
Hi everyone , I just took NBME 11 this weekend and scored 430/213 which made me feel better because I had scored 390/206 on NBME 7 two weeks ago. I habe completed 30% of UW and my scores range from 70-80% random blocks...I plan on examining towards the end of may. Does anyone know what the best NBME's to take are from here until the date of my exam?
Thank You

3/25/2015 3:46:11 PM
Hi everyone, so I plan on taking NBME 12 this weekend...any other suggestion? I need to be ready by may, do you think I am doing well?
Thank You

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