problem with launching the program on windows

5/2/2015 12:04:24 PM

Has anyone encountered problem with launching the QBANK on a windows computer?

I've updated my java already, but it still shows "unable to launch the application" due to "software caused connection abort: recv failed".

Please help><


5/2/2015 9:29:03 PM
I cannot lauch it either ><

5/2/2015 9:45:31 PM
maple_zx wrote:
I cannot lauch it either ><

The "support" people replied me to change the DNS or turn off the firewall, but still not working. Did you try any of those I just mentioned? I had no problem with any of these before, it's all of a sudden that I can't launch it anymore and keeps showing something about the "software caused connection abort"...

5/14/2015 11:56:53 PM
did you solve that problem?? it is happening to me right now and it is not working even after the recommendations they did. i do not know what else to do and i can'k keep wasting my days. my exam is pretty soon!! what can you recommend me to do to fix it?

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