IMG and mom from the Netherlands,prep for step 1

8/17/2015 8:34:27 PM
I am looking for someone who was or is in the same situation and who is willing to share experience with me.
Sometimes I am afraid I will never pass.... What is/was your strategy?

8/17/2015 8:50:03 PM
btw...I do not live in the Netherlands but in Florida

8/18/2015 12:11:58 AM
DaniellevanD wrote:
I am looking for someone who was or is in the same situation and who is willing to share experience with me.
Sometimes I am afraid I will never pass.... What is/was your strategy?

Hello dr I m also in the same situation n I m preparing for step 1 .. I m a mother of 17 month old baby girl n I m pregnant again with my second baby .. I m so scared that I will not able to ace this exam 😞... Can u tell me how much have u studied n when you r planning to appear for step1 .. Waiting for your response thanks

8/18/2015 10:01:16 AM
I m planning end of this year. It took me a while to find out about the best study-materials . Also to get into a daily routine is pretty though.
I use USMLE first aid wool and lectures. also memorang works very well.

8/21/2015 6:05:46 PM
Hi ,
Im mommy of an 18 month old and preparing for step 1 . what is your schedule like with your kids? how are you dividing up your days. lets share experiences. im currently a bit lost and really want to get back on track.



8/28/2015 5:33:38 PM
My kids are a bit older and in school. which helps a lot. But still. I find it hard to get myself motivated and not distracted to much. It also is hard that it s just me. I don't have a study partner. It took me a while to find the right study materials. When do you want to do the exam?

9/8/2015 12:21:34 PM
Hi. I'm also an IMG, residing now in Nebraska. I have a 2 yo and it's not easy to study for Step1 taking in consideration that I only have time to do that during his nap and after I put him down to bed at night. That would be around 4 hours a day I'm planning on taking the exam before the end of Nov. After reading how some people study for at least 10 hrs a day for 8-10 weeks for this exam, it makes me wonder if I'll ever be ready for this exam. I can't say I am doing great at testing either. I took the NMBE 16 and scored 200. Not very encouraging Does anybody have any advice or encouraging thoughts?


9/8/2015 2:04:00 PM
Hi ladies,

I am also an IMG. I live in the East Coast. I'm planning to take step 1 next year april-may. But it is very difficult to study with my 15 months old daughter. I only can study at night 2-4 hours/day. I hope by May I will be ready. Things are not easy at all especially for OMG (me 2008), but we just have to keep working. Good luck to all of you.

9/9/2015 9:13:25 AM
hello everyone….i am in the same position i have twins 2 year old boys….its not easy my eligibility ends november 30th but i want to take my exam his september so far my highest NBME has been a 200 on NBME 15. i got a 228 and UWSA 1and a 221on UWSA 2. i started studying arpil on and off but may i got really serious. i have done FA 5 times i am now currently on my 6th read…..i did UWSA 2 a week ago after my 5th read of FA and my 2nd pass of UW. i did UWSA 1 after my First pass of UW and my 3rd pass of FA. and i did NBME 15 10 days after UWSA 1….. i am so confused i get so scared when taking NBMEs.

i am so scared i wanted to get at least a 230 on step 1 but ail be happy with anything above a 220. but now i will take anything above a 200…..i just want this exam to be over with. i got a nanny in june to help me with the kids so I can focus on studying so maybe other mothers can invest in a nanny for maybe 2 months and jus bring it out its been helping me a lot. i study at home in my office while the nanny is with the twins.
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