Study Partner for Basics->HY FA. 2-3 months/Miami.

10/21/2015 11:42:47 AM
After a leave of absence I've returned to med school to take Step 1 in 2-3 months.
Need to review key topics, willing to do discussions/drills, wake-up skype calls....or whatever is needed to keep each other motivated!
My weak areas test wise are physiology-histo-anatomy-renal, micro drugs, respiratory phys (just haven't looked in awhile). Anything with up/down arrows
Strengths - Immuno (always 98 percentile), Biochem pathways, Neuro. Immuno drugs. Hematology I guess.
I'm a very rusty in certain areas (about 1 slow week) but will pick up pace fairly quickly for drilling.
Would like to work through First Aid, ideally I would like to be at the point of listing a page in FA and being able to state all the key issues on that page .

I use FA, UWorld, mainly and will resume Kaplan qBank before exam. Going to do NBME 7 on Sunday to see where I'm at. Hopefully whoever is up for it we can discuss our schedules and be ready for Monday, Oct, 26th

If you are in Miami/Coral Gables/Coconut Grove, open to meeting to study (within walking as I don't drive at the moment relocated to focus). If you are on Skype, same time zone preferred (Eastern Time).
I quit my job to study so I have a fairly open schedule to coordinate with (early morning or night study I don't care) but I value consistency.

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