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4/8/2016 9:02:17 AM
Relative Risk of 0.77 and 95% CI (0.59 - 0.98) Risk of developing dementia in those who take folic acid, which p value corresponds to results?
How to calculate/answer?
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4/9/2016 3:10:12 PM
p value in 95% CI <0.05 SO THE relative risk is

4/9/2016 3:15:49 PM

The answer was 0.03
Do you think it was a question in which you had to find the answer by principle of exclusion.
As other option was 0.05 and rest were more than that

4/9/2016 3:17:54 PM
Alsi as rr isless than 1 , so patient will not develop dementia?? Or am I wrong?

4/9/2016 6:27:27 PM
WELCOME in this exam expect anything but it is all about training do questions boost ur mind.the usmle people who make questions they are not medical student or medical graduate

4/9/2016 6:58:21 PM
rr lesS than 1 decrease risk. more than one increase risk …….and CI shouldn't EQUAL 1 OTHERWISE WONT REJECT NULL HYPOTHESIS AND THERE IS NO ASSOCIATION NEITHER INCREASE OR DECREASE

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