SP for fast quizing FA's micro pharmac and immuno

7/23/2016 9:49:59 PM
I am located in newyork timing (EST) and wanted evening time on weekdays ( can do more anytime on weekends)
I am looking for a serious and dedicated study and had studied Kaplan/ uw/fa/ pathoma before
with exam coming up soon.
I wanted daily 1hrs (more on weekends) everyday to do FA revision by quizzing on micro pharmacy micro immuno. Reading line by line on FA gets boring together. So would be fun to quiz each other to do space repeation end of the hour/two to clear out concepts or misunderstanding of questions and motivate each other when lagging etc.
quizzing will make it fun so will make the subjects more fun and will help to remember it more often.
need to finish the target in 3-4weeks. exam in September.

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