step 1 + uworld / help with nbme

8/8/2016 12:57:28 PM
Hey guys, this is another "I need help post"..haha... I´m Juan Pablo, from Argentina, I have been a quiet member of this group and thankfull with all the people that shared their experiences on the step 1...I´ve took nbme 13 on februaby 12th ...I got 206..(at then I have had been preparing step 1 per almost 8 month)...this score was really devastating for me, but in a few days I decided to rise again and keep going...I have been working with FA and mixed timed Uworld questions 1 block per day average 71%, then qkaplan (wich I didn´t finish).. So, I´ve took nbme 15 on July 25th..I really tought, this is it! guees what! my score, even worst!! 198...So I´ve been thinking, What am I missing??....lost alot of time without a single point to add...I know some are gonna said, review your weaknsses...what do you mean??...should I focus on doing subjecwise? while reviewing my FA?...before, I mean last year, I have read kaplan, pathoma ,DIT, Picmonic, memorang, anki, sketchy like every one has done some of this (also don´t remmeber very much) ...this is gonna sound crazy, but "I think I knew the topic but I just forgot" I mean isn´t a hard question...
By the way, I don´t know anyone in my country netheir the entire world, honestly I don´t know anyone whos on the same route, so if you gonna add me as a friend on facebook Juan Pablo Sosa Stamoulis you are very welcome (use your original account please),...or look for my post on "usmle step 1 forum preparation forum"... I´m easy going, pretty cool blah blah blah Lol, but most important I´m willing to rock the step 1...
All right people thank you, peace

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