how i got 241 in step 1

12/11/2016 6:27:14 AM
I began studying for step 1 since July 2016, bought uworld on August. My study plan was about 12 hours/day, it includes breakfast/lunch breaks, a 1 hour break to do what ever i wanted, and a 2 blocks(40Q) of uworld multiple topics and first aid as my text. I had my ups and downs, sometimes i thought I would never make it, but here we are!
UWSA form1 was 271 1 month before exam
UWSA form2 was 256 4 days before exam
NBME form 15 was 245 2 weeks before exam
NBME form 16 was 239 1 week before exam
NBME form 17 was 247 1 weeks before exam
I did the goljan patho 180 Qs 2 days before exam,slept well, had a breakfast and an apple and headed toward the test center on Nov 14th, my score was available on Dec 7th at 1:30 PM GMT

12/11/2016 5:38:31 PM
Congrats on your score.i appreciate your effort of sharing your good experience with didn't mention kaplan in your post so you didn't use kaplan notes at all??best of luck for future exams.

12/12/2016 1:49:04 AM
didn't use kaplan texts and qbank, neither qmax.
only first aid text and uw qbank.

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