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4/2/2017 1:23:03 AM
Hey everyone, quick q re the self assessment. I took it already last year, but then I deferred my test till late this month, do you guys know it it has been revised, or re-made since about the third quarter of last year?
If no, do you think it is still advisable to take it again before the real thing? thank you in advance for any inputs regarding this one

4/3/2017 3:39:34 PM
hey buddy i just took sim 2 no less than 30 minutes ago. I was wondering the same exact thing as you because i told a friend of mine how there was ONE BIOSTATS question on the exam and very little behavioral questions (like 2 or 3 at most) he said that he thinks they might have changed it cause his had roughly 15 total biostats and behavioral. Hes not too sure tho since he took sim 2 roughly 2 months ago.

if we could get to the bottom of this that would be great cause im thinking about buying sim 1 and doing it all over again if they changed things up.

4/4/2017 8:19:18 PM
I see. Well I e-mailed uworld support and this is what they told me:

Please be advised that if there were any changes made to it, they would have been very minimal as our authors ensure that the most relevant and accurate information is released.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Thank you,
UWorld Support Team

If we could have inputs from experiences of other people, it's gonna be very helpful..

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