my step 1 experience

5/15/2017 6:40:45 AM
Hellow every one,my name Dr sudheer completed step 1 month ago got my score a week is my experience on step 1.i have started my prep sepember 2016 with kaplan videos and kaplan study material daily 7 to 8 hrs a day.i have stated with biochem because i feel it is some what difficult.completed it in 20 days.then he same kaplan videos and materials for physio,patho,pharma simultaneously according systems.then go to behaviour sciences and micro at last.i have done simultaneously uworld.please start reading first aid from starting onwards and write some notes on it from uworld.managed to finish all subjects by jan ending.written usmle form 1 got score of 240,quite happy at that time.revised first aid again for a week,done nbme form 16 on feb 12 2017,disappointed by score of 221,revised first aid again for 10 days,done nbme form 15 on feb 23 got score of 232.i think i can reach my target 250 if work hard,studied firs aid again revised my weak topics done my nbme form 17 on march 18 got a 228,feel so depressed and dissapointed,dont know what to do to improve my score.lot of known questions are marked incorrectly due to stress.take a break for one day studied first aid again gave u world n march 26 got score of 243.finally some relief,taken nbme 18 on next day got 234,still a way far my target score,i decided to read first aid for last shot for 10 days gave nbme 19 on april 10 got score of 242,finally gave my exam on april 13 ...few blocks were some what hard it is really a elimination type of questions...finally day have arrived my score is out at may 3rd got 243.i was happy at my score.
my suggestion is
1)please dont blindly follow kaplan
2)read first aid from starting ,if you are doubt in some topic then see it in kaplan
3)start uworld from beginning itself
4)please buy uworld for 6 months if you are a beginner.(i did it wrong by purchasing for 3 months)
5)trust urself,motivate urself because it is a long process
6)dont take it too seriously,because it is not ending
7)take some break,chill with some friends etc but dont take too long breaks for 2 or 3 days
8)prepare all necessary registration far ahead,atleast 3 to 4 months before.
9)select your exam months only if u really prepared,dont go in hurry ultimately scores are important.
10)know your test center take accomodation near to it
11)on the day before exam eat well and sleep well dont panic, trust your preparation flip all pages of first aid dont read just flip page by page,i really satisfied by seeing all colours on my firstaid.

all the best for your exam...
thank you u world..

5/16/2017 5:39:31 PM
I'm in my last 2 weeks. Did you read first aid cover to cover starting from first page to the end? How many times total did you read first aid?

5/16/2017 11:12:37 PM
[quote=ujmh775601]I'm in my last 2 weeks. Did you read first aid cover to cover starting from first page to the end? How many times total did you read first aid?[/qu

First two times i have studied cover to cover ,after that only my weak 4 to 5 times..depends on your own preparation strategy.hope this will help,all the best for ur exam.

5/17/2017 3:56:52 PM
Thank you for your experience and advice. Wish you the best of luck moving forward.

5/29/2017 12:16:31 PM
Is it possible to talk with you ? My phone number is 313-775-6586.

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