If I pay for 1 more month will I get same qbank?

6/3/2017 1:33:50 PM
Okay... A month ago I pay for a one-month subscription and religiously started doing 150 question per day. By day 19 or 20 I was already finished with the 1900+ questions getting in average high 40% low 50% on my second time around I was getting high 50% to high 60%... great right? Well not so much what I was really doing was tricking myself into thinking that I was doing better but I was just remembering most of the answers. Yesterday I toke my first Nclex exam and I didn't do so well, yeah it stops at 75 and no I am not one of those outstanding naturally smart student nurse that you might only know 1 or 2 back in school. I like it "here" as you all know the format and question style is very similar to that of the Nclex exam, I don't want to go back to Saunders or start Kaplan but I need to know if I pay for another month will I get the same 1900+ qbank that I already know most of it so that I will trick myself once again into thinking that I'm doing better when that's really not the case ( and I do read all the rationals "every single time")... Please help anyone who has been in this situation I really dont know what to do now.

6/3/2017 4:35:59 PM
Mild update on my situation I just send the $200 payment and it went trough, so now is official I really, really don't know what to do any advice any suggestion no matter how crazy it might be will be dearly appreciated...

6/15/2017 10:56:21 AM
The qbank is not updated as a whole in a meanwhile. Although they keep updating few questions I think. So extra money will not get u more questions I think. U should spend on other qbanks if u have made ur world notes. Like Kaplan,Becker and usmlerx...

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