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7/23/2017 6:08:20 AM
Hey all,
Got my step 1 score last week and I think it's only fair I give back to this wonderful forum. There are a couple of my friends on this page, hence, I am just going to say that I got > 235 on the exam. Target was a 255 above, but Yeah, It is what it is..

The books I used: I did nothing different from the rest of you. Same resources, same study schedule etc.. etc. Futhermore there are other wonderful posts emphasising on that matter. I am going to restrict my post to mostly my experience as a whole and probably mention a couple of things that I would do differently If I were to go redo my prep. Off course, these are just my opinions and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I started with a baseline NBME of 200 and pulled through to a 242 in about 4-5 months. My NBMEs were hovering in the 230-240 range. So, I guess it makes sense when people say trust your NBME scores. Well, there are also a small number of people who do exceptionally well in the real deal. So, who knows, maybe that could be you!

Here's what I have to say/advises:
1. I Spent too much time initially, following some great advises that did not work for me. Every person is different, so, it is really just WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Just because someone did FA two times, doesn't mean you have to do FA two times. Trust yourself and your prep and be your own adviser with the help of your NBME scores. Off course, you need to know how to go about the prep, but do that research in the initial period of your prep and from there on be in charge of your prep. I especially was so vulnerable during this prep that I was torn between advises.
2.I Did not take breaks. I beat myself up too hard and convinced myself that breaks are a waste of time. I WAS WRONG. I understand that step 1 scores "make you or break you", but you gotta find a way to make time for the things you love. Even if it is just sitting in one place doing anything apart from step 1 prep. You get my point!!
3. Doing first run uworld in subject mode/system mode. When you know what system/subject you are doing, you are bound make a biased answer choice.
4. Don't let the concept of "BURNOUT" get to you. I know it is real and there are paper's supporting the evidence that burnout is real. But, how do you know when you are really burned out? Is there like a diagnostic criteria or something? What I am trying to say is, when you feel like your cranium is thicker than ever and is just not receptive to what you are studying, don't force yourself to study! Take a break, shake it off and come back more refreshed than ever before. Your mind is a powerful entity! you can do anything (practically speaking) you set your mind to. Off course, everybody's journey is different, so DO NOT COMPARE.

I come from a family that has no doctors and I had to work from scratch as to how to go about USMLE, Clerkships and research.. I spent a great deal of time researching about these things on the internet. I want to help students in the same boat as me. Everything I know is already on the internet. Sometimes the great deal of information you find can be overwhelming and having it simplified can be relieving, which Is why I am volunteering as a student counsellor at link. You can schedule an audio/video session to talk to me or email me with your concerns or questions and I shall try helping you to the best of my knowledge. Having no help can be super demotivating sometimes. So, I hope to help anyone feeling this way and be of some use. These are my credentials to help you decide whether or not your time is worth talking to me:

Step 1: >235
USCE: ~5 months (applied through universities directly)
Research:~11 months of research experience. One poster presentation (USA) and One publication(India).
YOG: 2016

Happy to help
Best Wishes,

7/24/2017 6:57:31 PM
I appreciate this. Also, congratulations on finishing and doing well

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