help please!! how to improve my score ??

8/11/2017 2:05:07 PM
i completed Uwolrd qbank 10 days ago with 71% score. I read the explanations carefully and added my notes to FA.
unfortunately i did NBME 16 3 days ago and got 500 which equals to 207!!!! i don't know why !
when i review the wrong questions actually only 2 or 3 Qs that i never read about! the rest is just some how that i didn't read the question carefully or misunderstand it !
so how can i improve my score ?

8/14/2017 4:02:17 PM
kemf814499 wrote:
I have the same problem, I did uw self assessment today, even my score is good 245 but I misread a lot of the questions and flaged about third of the questions each bank, I think we are not ready to the test yet, I finished uw bank month ago with 68

so what is your plan?

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