Unable To Launch Application

1/2/2018 10:30:56 PM
Hi all,

I had been using UWorld without issue for about two weeks when suddenly every time I tried to open the application I was told "unable to launch the application." I have read numerous posts and videos of some people who had been successful following instructions on UWorld's Support website regarding deleting Java files via Control Panel. This did not work for me.

I then contacted their support team and they instructed me to disable my internet firewalls and security, allow connectivity on specific ports, and switch to a direct connection in my internet settings, all of which I did and I still receive the same message.

Is anyone else facing a similar problem or does anyone have any further recommendations? Thank you.

12/12/2018 4:54:49 PM
Did you solve this problem? Because me too

12/13/2018 12:21:38 AM
I faced the same problem, I almost tried everything on the internet and YouTube but none worked for me, then I just called Uworld and their support guys connected their server into my system and then they deleted some files do few things and then I was able to use uworld again.
So call them, email them thats the way it works only.

12/13/2018 2:28:05 PM
Yep. I can't remember exactly how it got fixed but it was done over the phone with their assistance. Good luck!

4/18/2020 3:14:06 PM
Once java is updated because of higher security reasons they don't allow certain applications to launch.
so just open java through control panel then in security options add an exception for a security so just add uworld's http:/www.uworld.com link of the main site and your own logged in site link to that java's security exception option
plus just restore the default previous version and delete temporary files just to be sure.. go to google download uworld client it will automatically open java and create a shortcut by itself.... I hope this helps

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