yr3 FMG just learnt about usmle, 10 in NBME :o

1/16/2018 6:50:09 AM
I'm in my 2nd year of a 5 year Caribbean medical school. I just found out that I can come to america through medicine and I'm very excited, but I've forgotten the work gone by so far.
I did an NBME form to be sure and I scored 10/800. I NEED TO START FROM SCRATCH!
I have to pass my school's 3rd year curriculum while getting ready for the step1 exam (2019 hopefully). I don't have much time.

I have 2016 First Aid (FA), Rapid Review Path (RR; Goljan) and uworld.
I read the Kidney section of RR (in 4days) and did the renal path section of uworld and got 25/37 (67.6%). I am currently going through the explanations and learning about both the wrong and right answers (very time consuming).

a) what's the best use of resources to get my UWorld 1st pass rate higher for the remaining topics?
b) what's the best plan given my time, to place in the top 10% of the step1 test takers?
c) I'm willing to work hard as long as I can get results. What does it take?

I want to do microsurgery or stroke clot retrievals but as an FMG i'll probably aim for general radiology. My school allows for 2 foreign clerkship electives, idk if that could get me into plastics or interventional radiology in the US.
d) Anything I should know before I aim for the radiology residency position?
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