Tips to study physio-pathology

2/6/2018 11:45:33 PM
Try to study few disease in the same category at the sane time first
1-MVAlve Regurg: systolic problem
2-MV stenosis :diastolic
Then compare the symptoms with other categories like
Valvular heart disease have dyspnea because they cause CHF
Congestive heart failure gas Dyspnea with diastolic or systolic problem
Now add another category like pericardial disease
Pericarditis has chest pain
Pericardial effusion has dyspnea
Now put all of them together
Valv Heart disease leads to CHF ...SOB .. crackles
CHF SOB crackles
Pericardial effusion SOB no crackles
And keep adding more info one physio obe patho one clinical and study several topics at the same time
You can watch some of the tips on my channel

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