Is my plan reasonable?

2/17/2018 8:51:47 PM
Hi there!

I have gone through FA and pathoma 3 times and UW qbank twice.

- UWA1= 245 (2 month ago)
- FA revision (after UWA1)
- UWA2= 243 (1 month ago)

Then I decided to do 40% of USMLERx and then did one intensive pass of FA in 2 weeks. Then I did NBME13.

NBME 13= 232 (2 days ago).

I am really disappointed, I thought I was really doing great in the test. At least 7 of my mistakes were really misunderstood while I am reading the questions. There were 26 wrong answers. The result is attached.

I am really flexible with the time since I am an IMG and will not apply in this September 15 so I was thinking to do a plan to reach at least 245-250. While I am doing the plan it turns out I may do 8 week plan including:
- Doing the remaining of USMLE Rx (10 days)
- Redoing UW (18 days)
- NBME15+16
- one FA pass (10 days)
- NBME 17+18
- NBME 19.

Do you find this 8-week plan reasonable? Or you would suggest going with a shorter plan? Your input is highly appreciated.


2/18/2018 7:51:15 PM
Any ideas?

2/19/2018 6:49:52 PM
Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks

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