Step 1 ADHD Accommodations

3/6/2018 1:07:03 PM
Hello Uworld members,
I am a medical student preparing to take the Step 1 at some point this year (2018) and am having difficulty locating information about how to obtain testing accommodations for my ADHD.

The purpose of this post is to FACT FIND first hand accounts from individuals who have applied for testing accommodations for ADHD for the Step 1 examination(regardless of result).
To be clear, I am not interesting in opinions, perspectives, or third party stories; I am searching for individuals who have either:
A) Actually gone through the process of applying for ADHD Step 1 accommodations
B) Professionals who have been involved in the process of accepting/denying said accommodations

There seems to be a distinct lack of information available to aid in the creation of a strong application and am reaching out to the community to see what people can offer. I encourage discussion in this forum about the subject, however completely understand the desire for anonymity and privacy in the matter. Therefore, if you would feel more comfortable sharing your story privately or through email correspondence I would be happy to participate in any discussion you think would be helpful. I can supply an email account created specifically for this purpose upon request.

Thank you ahead of time for taking the time and energy to help those in need of testing accommodations; while I may be one of the few people speaking openly about this issue, I am sure many others have struggled to obtain this information (just by viewing how many lawsuits the USMLE has been involved with over accommodations). I sincerely look forward to engaging the community and hearing what people have to offer.
Your neighborhood future doctor
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