Trying to do a CARS section test but can't!

6/21/2018 6:31:54 PM
This comes up when I'm trying to set up 53 questions for CARS:
"Other Possible Options
The requested number of questions are not available please select one from possible questions shown or cancel to specify another number.

Options: 52, 57, cancel

I have 64 questions left (uncompleted) in this section so 53 is plenty but it still won't let me take it!
I have 39 humanities and 25 social sciences left if anyone is curious.

What is going on?

6/22/2018 10:19:15 AM
What is most likely happening is that of the CARS passages you have left, no combination of them adds up to exactly 53 questions. The program is giving you the combinations that will get you as close to 53 questions as possible- a 52 question test or a 57 question test.

Hope that helps!
Good luck on your MCAT!

6/22/2018 10:44:39 AM
I'm sorry, I don't quite understand. Why can't UWorld set me up with 32 humanities + 21 social sciences and call that a "full length" section test? Or 25 humanities and 28 social sciences and etc? These add up to 53 questions.

Thank you!

6/25/2018 11:50:03 AM
Each passage has a set number of questions. So suppose the 64 questions you have left correspond to ten passages- seven of the passages have 7 questions each, and the remaining three passages have 5 questions each. That adds up to 64 questions, but there is no combination of those passages that will add up to exactly 53. The software will only give you complete passages, together with all their corresponding questions. It won't remove one question from a passage or ask you only a subset of the questions.

Hope that clarifies things.

6/25/2018 6:18:29 PM
Ohhh, okay I understand now. Thank you for clarifying that!

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