I passed NCLEX in 75 questions

6/22/2018 5:21:06 AM
I promised myself that I would create a post on UWorld’s page if I passed the NCLEX. I found out my results within less than 2 days and passed in 75 questions. I had about 17 select all that apply and 10 priority questions in all. For me, the test fluctuated between hard and easy the entire time. I never had back-to-back select all that apply. To prepare I purchased UWorld 30 days before my exam and committed to doing at least 150-225 questions from the Q Bank a day (Monday - Friday). I made sure to always create 75 question practice tests and utilized the tutor mode. I took the time to fully read the entire rationale for each question because the rationales contained a lot of information, including some that wasn’t directly related to the question. In the end, I finished the entire Q bank 5 days before my exam date and was ranked in the 80th percentile with a score of 62% on the Q bank. In the beginning I was averaging between 50 - 60 % and by the end I was consistently getting 65 - 70%. My highest score was 78% and my lowest was 48%. For the last 5 days I created quizzes based on the ones I got wrong and re-did them all. The night before I made sure to review my labs, EKGs, and cranial nerves, and skimmed through my HURST book (that’s about the extent of my use of HURST because I thought it was boring). I finished my test in an hour and 15 minutes and honestly felt like it pretty easy, which made me question if I failed. Go with your gut and always remember that you know more than you think you do. Use UWorld and you will be golden!

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