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7/4/2018 12:51:46 PM
There was a passage in the DNA and Gene Expression question bank discussing studying the movement of live molecules through FRAP. I thought that the explanation for one of the questions for this passage was unclear. It said, "The molecules in Figure 1 were analyzed using gel electrophoresis, and the results are shown below. Which of the following describes the correct experimental methodology? Then an image of a gel is provided with bands for various of the proteins mentioned in the passage. Choice A states that "the intrinsic charges of the proteins were masked by a reducing agent" and Choice B states that the disulfide bonds were disrupted by the detergent sodium dodecyl sulfate. I thought it was unclear in the explanation why these two answer choices were wrong because the explanation says: "The intrinsic protein charge is masked by SDS. When necessary, reducing agents (eg. beta mercaptoethanol) are used in SDS page to break disulfide bonds, disrupting tertiary and quaternary structures." This explanation seems to not really answer why choices A and B are wrong and to me I thought it actually supported the two choices. I was wondering if I could get a better explanation for this.

7/5/2018 1:05:44 PM
Hi there,
Please submit your comment through our feedback feature on the test you took. That way one of the authors will be able to see which question you are referring to and may be able to revise the explanation to clarify your concern.
Thank you and good luck!
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