Uworld Average influenced by Retakes?

7/8/2018 2:27:24 PM
Do uworld averages account for retakes as well? As in to say, will the average record both an initial score and the retake score in its calculation?

7/12/2018 2:31:33 PM
Yeah I'm pretty sure it does and would really skew the averages.

7/26/2018 6:21:42 PM
I think if you're getting above a 50%, you're doing fine.

7/27/2018 9:08:40 AM
Even if that's the case, I dont believe a lot of people redo questions, so it shouldnt skew the average too much. UWORLD is good content review and helps you get acclimated to the MCAT. You shouldn't be worrying about your scores too much. It's how you are using the material that matters. If you are 70%+ and learning from your mistakes, you should be solid.

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