How to retake the passages that I created?

7/31/2018 9:17:24 PM
Is there a feature that i can retake some of the tests i created? I want to redo the passages that I got the questions wrong on. Thanks

8/1/2018 3:24:15 PM
A bit tedious, but you can jot down the question ID's of things of you got wrong, and then on the "home" screen you can click custom. Clicking custom allows you to input questions using that ID. Not sure how many you can add at one given time but the option is there never-the-less.

8/1/2018 4:03:01 PM
I can't find the "home" screen that you were referring to me. I looked everywhere on the "create test" page but couldn't find it. Can you please elaborate where the "home" screen is at? sorry hahah

8/1/2018 10:37:33 PM
Sorry about the delay. Click "My Account" in the upper right and launch the UWorld question bank. Then, click "Create Test" on the side bar and in the middle of the screen you should have "Question Mode" as an entire section. Click "Custom" and you're golden. On the right side you will see where it says something along the lines of "type in question ID... etc" (it's a small box). See below for how to make use of that box vvvvvvvvv.

Cycle through your previous tests that you've taken to jot down those question IDs. Go to previous tests section right under create a test and simply click "Resume" on any of your previous run-throughs. Look through and see which ones you want to repeat and write down the question ID. This ID can be found right above the "Pause" button in the dead center of the page at the very top. Write those down and you can put all of those into that little box to repeat.

I shouldn't have used sloppy language like that. Probably makes things a bit more difficult if only I understand what I mean by "Home" and what-not.
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8/2/2018 1:10:57 PM
You could also mark all the questions from that test and then make a test out of the marked questions

8/2/2018 1:28:09 PM
Thank you so much you guys! Thank you for a super detailed explanation. I appreciate it!

8/3/2018 1:34:16 PM
Hey guys , in case you might not be aware of this feature, but instead of manually writing down a list of your wrong questions, you can also click on the button "Question list" in the "incorrect" answers. This button generates a list of incorrect questions for you and all you have to do is copy and paste it.

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