What is wrong with this site?

8/11/2018 9:47:49 AM
The "Copyright (c) UWorld, Please do not save, print, cut, copy or paste anything while a test is active." disclaimer is so dumb, that it's comical. But actively shutting down r/MCAT, the best resource aggregate for premed students in the country? What is wrong with you people? Your business model relies on positive word of mouth; I never would have bought your USMLE subscription if I hadn't read another medical students journey. You should be ashamed of your actions.
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8/11/2018 10:04:01 AM
I agree

This is so sad, please please bring back r/MCAT on reddit. Thousands of pre-meds rely on that, and it is not fair to destroy the whole forum just for a few posts where someone is asking clarification of UWorld Q's. People do that to AAMC material all the time, and well they're not bringing things down...I hope that those copyright posts will be deleted, and r/MCAT can be up and running in no time. I really hope this is temporary. I only used UWorld because of reddit, otherwise, I wouldn't have even known about it. I'm sure you guys don't want a bad word of mouth spreading around with hundreds of pre-meds telling their friends Uworld brought MCAT reddit down. Until now, it was Uworld is awesome...it's going to be a different story now. Please help us put it back up and save those amazing resources that have been on there for years.
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8/11/2018 1:24:56 PM
I heard about Uworld through Reddit and I suggested it to my other friends taking the MCAT who had no idea about Uworld. A few people shared some questions illegally... Why not go for them? Not the entire community of students.

8/11/2018 3:52:06 PM
What you did was abhorrent and ridiculous, the forum was a collective group of students helping each other out. So many of us use UWORLD and tell others about how great of a resource it is because of all of the postive word of mouth we see on the forum.

The mods do their best to strike down threads that infringe copyright, and i've been on the site for a few months and rarely have I seen copy right, and even when it does occur its not for personal gain and is usually someone asking for clarification or help.

What you did was extremely selfish and ridiculous. You took away so many resources that we rely on to cross check answers, explanations, look for support, and so much more.

I was hoping to use UWORLD for med school and recommend it to so many other pre-med students I mentor, but no more. You do not deserve our service, and for certain I will not be looking to buying a subscription to anything on this site.

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