Thank you uworld

8/13/2018 9:59:55 AM
I passed my nclex in 7th attempt. I flunked 3times in 75,1 time in 85 and 2times in 265..I was loosing hope I felt like I could never make it I never gave up though. Then I decided to quit my current part time job and sit and study... previously I tried hurst, Kaplan, Saunders and what not but everything I tried it was too much to study. I would study hard for days and forget everything immediately. I was not able remember even a single word. Then one of my friend suggested NCSBN review course and uworld. I did ncsbn for theory and uworld for questions practice. I did all the questions 2000+ written down the rational whichever I felt I need to know ( every single rational I felt like I need to know) I make almost 2notes with rationals and trust me that was sufficient enough.
Day of my nclex- I had exam on 3:30 pm, when I started my questions I felt like I am doing practice test of uworld. Questions were too easy and I freaked out thinking why questions are so easy “am I failing “ I had 3-4sata questions, no drag and drop ,no maths, had one ecg. I heard from people before that they had bunch of data questions. My computer stopped at 80.
I started to freak out because I felt questions were too easy to pass ,I started crying. After 48hrs I checked my result and it said I “pass” I couldn’t believe I did it.
Uworld is worth of every single penny you pay for it. I realized uworld made me so perfect specially critical thinking exercise.
And all the best for future nurses do not loose hopes. Nclex is all about ability test.take the uworld golden rationals seriously and you gonna pass for sure. All the best. Do not loose hope.
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edited by on 8/13/2018

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