i need study advice

8/29/2018 10:58:50 AM
its been 8 months since i started my dedicated study period. I have done all nbme's except nbme 18. My scores have been 420, 430, 490, 400 in them. I have done first aid and uworld well enough. well Please tell me how to improve, my exam is within a month or two.
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8/30/2018 3:06:00 AM
please reply guys i have only done FA and UWorld. Nothing else, as I was a good student back in college but its been 8 months since college, I need to just give step 1, sitting at home is really frustrating...

8/30/2018 12:12:16 PM
Dont worry. One of my friend just got a 256 on step 1, only with FA and Uworld.
See your performance and focus on your weaknesses.

8/31/2018 12:33:02 PM
hey quag, when did your friend give his exam? and were his nbme scores high enough?, because mine are less than average, like 430.. please help me.

9/8/2018 11:08:15 PM
He did it a month ago. His NBME score was the 240 equivalent on step 1, but you know there is a standard deviation from this, so he expected the worst of 230 or the maximum of 250.

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