Study Partner

9/6/2018 5:17:10 AM
IMG student here, looking for a partner to go over FA and Goljan and UW possibly.
Planning on taking Step in Feb/march 2019. Have to write my CBSE exam first which essentially is your projected score for step. that exam is set for December

Study Schedule is monday to friday, I live in the eastern time zone and
wake up at 4:30 am everyweekday
Study time start at 5 am -9 pm 9 30 max
I'm using FA and uw strictly and GOljan
I have access to other ressources if necessary, I'm a concept learner and i'm very visual so often time will resort to a video or draw it to make sure i get it.

I live in montreal, so if you're a fellow IMG in montreal, will be more than happy to meet up but if not in mtl that's ok, skype is good as well but preferably in the same time zone.

on week 2 of my prep. got 14 more weeks to go for dec.

9/13/2018 12:06:48 AM
i am interested if u need sp add me on skype minu26, i am in EST .in toronto.

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