Looking for an Anki buddy to memorize FA "lists"

10/22/2018 9:24:18 AM
cucmoneyfula wrote:
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a study partner to review high yield list type information on anki with me. List type information includes things like; antidotes, antibodies, functions of parasympathetic/sympathetic receptors, histology of different parts of the GI, Repro and Respiratory tissues, tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes, equations, micro basic bacteriology stuff,etc.

I think First Aid can be divided into concepts and lists (although sometimes the two overlap). I already have a system for reviewing concepts and am nowlooking for a study buddy to get through the annoying more memorization heavy lists part.

Basically the way that it would work is that I would share my anki deck with you so we have the same exact deck. During our sessions, I would share my screen and we would go through the cards in preview mode (if we both get the question wrong we leave it in the deck, If we bot get it right we "suspend" the card, If only I get the question wrong I mark it on my deck and study it on my own time, you do the same if only you get it wrong)

I'm a hard working and responsible study partner who is in the intermediate level to advanced-ish stage, and am looking for the same in a Study partner.
I'm in the US at Pacific Standard Time, looking for someone who is currently in the U.S. and can review 1 hour/day 6 days/week. It helps if you already be familiar with how Anki works.

Thanks for reading!

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