Perspective and reallistic advice please for old I

10/23/2018 10:24:54 PM
Hi folks, I'm posting this cause I think I need some points of view and advices, I'll try to be brief, graduated in 2012, 1yr internship, 1yrs Pediatric Residency in Venezuela quited to come to US and pursuit residency, I found myself three yrs ago coming here no green card working as a waitress to send money to my parents, no time or money to study, 5 months ago I finally have at least economic support to study but still working part time now with green card, asuming that I pass all the steps with a decent score, and doing some research and observerships I ask myself every day: Do I really have the chance? By the time I'm ready to aplly I'll have around 8yrs since graduation with 4yrs of inactivity on the medical field. Planning to take step 1 february 2019.

I'll highly appreciatte your opinion. Thanks.
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