Step 1 NBME Help :(

11/18/2018 8:51:05 PM
Hi! Hope everyone is good! Im an IMG, i have been preparing for step 1 since April of this year. I did all the Kaplan Books and Videos, then I did Pathoma and Sketchy Micro. Then I started with First Aid while I was doing Kaplan Qbank, I finished son the Kaplan Qbank, and right know i have about 3 weeks doing Uworld, I have done only 30% of it. Today, I decided to take my first NBME, I took NBME 13 and I got 190, honestly I feel really really really devastated, depressed, frustrated because I failed it, I'm putting a lot of effort to this exam, and I only got that score! I don't know how I have to reestructure the way i was studying? What I have to do know? How much Can I improve from that score? I was planning to take the exam between February and March but honestly with the result of today I don't know what to do, im really afraid to fail the real exam or worse to get a very low score. Please if you can help me, I will appreciate so much. When should I Take the other Nbme, I mean how many time should I wait to take the next? How much is possible to improve in terms of Score? What should I do to improve? Thank you so much, and God bless you! Have a good night!

11/25/2018 2:34:12 PM
I am also same situation - Planed was doing the exam in Feb, but got score 300/186 in Form 13 and same way I have done UWORLD qbank almost 60%. So I think we are in same situation if your willing do a short discussion ,

I am looking for SP Let me know if your okay, my Skype Id : "USMLE Steps Step1"
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11/26/2018 7:30:39 PM
hi I know how u feel, I been there so my best advice is that just do first aid and uworld nothing else. so your brain recognize in what page is the answer for most of the questions and believe me it will. if u do it at least twice it will. just go over and over again. but do not read or study any other thing. hope u pass

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