Reapply for Step 1 or risk failing??

2/10/2019 9:48:21 PM
Hi everyone! I need some help.... I am an IMG...

My exam is in 6 weeks and my progress is not good.
I don't want to give the exam in end of March, and March is part of my extended eligibility period. So I have no chance to extend again.
Should I give it in March or reapply and take it later this year like summer?
If I reapply and then sit for my exam later and score a relatively decent score, is that better than getting a poorer score in 6 weeks?
What I mean is, I think they will count the times we applied for the exam regardless of giving the exam or not. So in that sense should I give it 6 weeks later or reapply? Will not sitting for Step 1 once look bad on a residency application? Because I know failing it will definitely look horrible.
I know I sound stupid and redundant here but I really feel hopeless. I feel terrible.
I know there will be fees but, I am not sure about all the paperwork again.
Please let me know. I would very much appreciate any replies. Thank you.

2/11/2019 6:41:32 PM
they only count the times u actually took the exam..not how many times u applied. if u are not getting a good score better to postpone and take it at a later date

3/8/2019 2:35:28 AM
Not taking the exam doesnt count. Cancel your appointment and lose the money. Totally worth it. Passing first attempt is more important, getting high score even better. Good luck.

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