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3/23/2019 4:52:36 AM
Should I continue with step 2 or not?

3/23/2019 5:55:24 PM
jaxv519319 wrote:
Should I continue with step 2 or not?

sad to hear that, you got less score but I think you should continue with step 2 and try to get maximum in it. May I know if you don't mind how you prepared for your exam? what pattern you follow, How many time you have done FA and uwolrd. and have done NBME before going exam and what was you score in that ?
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3/24/2019 3:25:06 AM
Hey, the exam is not hard at all, I used Kaplan , FA ,uworld 2x. First two blocks I ran out of time and couldn’t answer on 5 question, also at the beginning I couldn’t concentrate and missed some easy questions that Id know to answer in the middle of the night.
Uwsa 1-240 uwsa2 230, free questions 80% .

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