Social & Personal Identity vs Group Identification

5/29/2019 11:29:04 PM
Ran into a problem that needed me to differentiate between the two. I understand that social identity refers to things that are most likely demographics a census would ask for. But the example that they gave for group identification was "pre-med." Does anyone know how to truly differentiate between the two? Also, how do you differentiate between Personal identity and group identification?

5/30/2019 12:13:21 AM
Identity in general deals with self-concept which is based upon your own society/group/etc and the relationship to those people (Favorite child, teacher's pet). When you think group ID, think what characteristics does everyone within the group share. (Pre-med-all want to be medical students/doctors)

5/30/2019 5:39:11 PM
Wait. So what is the difference then between those three terms. Because they all have slightly different definitions. Like how do I know if "pre-med" is a social identity, personal identity, or group identification? The answer also gives the example of "bookworm" for personal identity but couldn't that label also fit under the definition of group identification?

5/31/2019 7:50:46 PM
Think about how you would describe yourself. You wouldn't say you and a group of friends are bookworms, a group of people who love books are more like avid readers. Think social (what people say I am), personal (How I feel about myself), group (How we as a group fit together).

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