Nclex Prep

6/19/2019 10:01:59 AM
I told myself I would make a post once I found out I passed my nclex rn because reading these posts helped me with preparing for the nclex. I purchased both Uworld and Hurst review as study tools for the nclex. I first used hurst for a week to watch all the videos and learn the content before going into Uworld and answering the question bank. Hurst is great for learning core content. After completing the hurst review, it took me about 2 weeks to complete the entire Uworld test bank. Some people recommend studying Uworld by subject, but I just made all my quizzes random. I would do about 75 questions in the morning, and 75 at night. My lowest score (out of the 75 question quizzes) was a 36%. My highest score was a 66%. My overall average was a 53% before going back and answering the questions that I got wrong. I spent the last week going over my missed questions, and completing all of the hurst quizzes and my Uworld self assessment. I took my Uworld self assessment and scored a 63%, which put me in the 73rd percentile (very high chance of passing). My hurst scores were: 77/125, 84/125, 75/125, 77/125. (overall average of 78). Hurst recommends that you score an average of 77/125 to be successful on the nclex. So going into the nclex I felt pretty confident with my assessment scores from both reviews. When I took my nclex, I left feeling like I failed. I answered 99 questions, and felt like most of my content were things I haven't learned or heard of before. Many people say that they think the nclex was easier than Uworld, but I honestly think it just depends on your luck of what questions you get and if it was covered on your review. Do not get discouraged if you are not getting very many select all that apply questions, because I only got 7 or 8 and still passed!!! After taking the nclex I tried the pearson review trick and got the good pop up three times, and it was right! Trust in the process, it is normal to leave feeling like you failed. And both reviews scored me a high change of passing and they were right! Although both reviews were great and helped me achieve passing the nclex, I know a lot of people don't want to spend the money for both reviews so if I had to recommend one I would definitely recommend Uworld. The rationals are amazing and I feel like I learned more from Uworld than I have in all four years of nursing school. Uworld really helps with your critical thinking and I believe that is why I was able to answer some of the questions on the nclex that I had no idea what the question was talking about. I am so happy to finally be an RN!!

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