Uworld Biology vs Biochemistry

6/30/2019 5:19:15 PM
I test on 7/10. I graduated from undergrad this year with a biology major and I am 4 days out from taking my last FL (AAMC FL 3). I scored 508 and 513 respectively on FL1/FL2. I have honestly put no time at all into my biology other than reviewing my questions well from each exam. I did tutor biology in college and I enjoyed biochemistry. I scored a 128 and 130 respectively on both B/B sections from Fl1 and FL2. I decided to dedicate a little time this week to B/B as I have otherwise neglected it. From Uworld, what would you recommend is the most useful/necessary between the Biology or/and Biochemistry section? I am limited on time and so I was going to do around 150-200 total questions and was unsure if I should do all bio, biochem or a mix of both?

any help is appreciated!

7/2/2019 4:24:06 PM
The average scores on the Biochem tests are generally lower (around 60% vs 80% in bio), so I'd say go with biochem mostly, but sprinkle in some bio (maybe choose some sections you are lest good at or the most complex). Biochem is also pretty nitpicky on interpretation of experimental methods and results, which will serve you well in the others sections. Bio seems more concept and fact based.

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