Step1 Partner: 30 mins daily (Serious students )

7/10/2019 1:59:55 PM
Im a US medschool grad so not IMG/FMG.
This forum is full of people who are wasting and not looking for a serious partner.
If you can't commit to a time, cant be serious about havin a partner, DON'T bother messaging me
Lot of people contact me, waste my time and then disappeared or didn't keep their promise. Good riddance!!!

I am intense student and don't put up with stupid silly comments or people who can't keep a promise.
I just finished 2 months ago first two years of medical school in US and now taking Step. Completed UWORLD. Completed FA x 1. Prefer someone who is honest, clear and not wasting time. I am looking for someone who will do rapid review quiz at least 5x per week at a fixed time.

If you are going to message me:
1) Tell me if you are currently in school or graduated how many years ago
2) How much of UWORLD DONE. Looking people who have done >70% atleast.
3) How many Pass of FA ? > 1x
4) When is YOUR TEST? Looking for people who are testing soon enough! There is a tendency for IMGS/FMGs to take 3 years to pass these exams, starting and stopping,. starting and stopping many times. Good for you but I am not looking for that kind of study partner b.c they would't have the drive, and intensity needed.

If you are not taking test within 8-10 weeks, Don't RESPOND
If you can't commit to a time or general time frame, DON'T Respond
If you aren't serious about working with a partner , DONT respond
If you study one day and not much for next day and in general aren't disciplined, DON'T respond
If you are doubtful of your abilities and not good energy, DON'T respond

Interested in COmmitted partner for 2 weeks for upcoming Step. I have already done UWORLD and the rest. I prefer advanced student. Looking for 30 mins daily quiz.

10pm EST/9pm CST or 8am EST/or earlier in the morning.

Leave your skype here or Private message me with your google mail iD and I will add you.
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7/21/2019 10:31:43 PM
looking for a SP for step-1
planning of taking the exam in september
IMG student
reading FA as of now.

reach out to me on my gmail [email protected]

7/22/2019 2:02:49 AM
1 am interested in being a study partner

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