Requested number of questions isn't available.

7/20/2019 6:57:22 PM
I realize that some questions are tied to passages and whatnot, but I have only 33 questions left in my physics QBank, so I was trying to do a test of 33 Qs, and UWorld keeps saying that the specified number of questions is not available. How can 33 questions not be available if there's only 33 questions left?

Edit: So the recommended number of questions instead of 33 was 21. I entered 21 into the desired number of questions for a test, and it gave me the same response ("This number of questions is not available") and recommended that I did 18 Qs. However, when I directly click the 21 (the one in the orange circle right when the recommendation comes up), I get a test of 21Qs. Is this a bug?
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