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A 23-year-old primigravid woman comes to your office for her first prenatal visit.  She is working as an aerobics instructor and is concerned about the effect her exercise schedule might have on the pregnancy.  She teaches 30 minutes daily in the morning and does not feel fatigued.  She also enjoys scuba diving.  She does not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs.  Vital signs are normal and physical examination is unremarkable.  Which of the following is the best advice to give this patient?

A. "You need to reduce the duration of exercise time to 15 minutes per day" [1%]
B. "You should not do aerobic exercise, but scuba diving is permissible" [0%]
C. "You should not scuba dive, but continue your current aerobic exercise schedule" [82%]
D. "You can continue both scuba diving and aerobic exercise" [12%]
E. "You should not scuba dive or do aerobic exercise" [1%]
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